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Our process

We specialize in quality homes that are built to last, for owners that are planning to make their home here for the foreseeable future.


Design Phase

We can recommend expert architects depending on your style and size of project, or work with existing drawings. Once you have your drawings, the design phase does not end.

We have a number of different interior design recommendations, depending on your requirements.

TPM analyzes the drawings for workflow, cost consideration, impact of utilities, spacing, window and door sizing, wall space and other price vs performance decisions before budgeting.

Budget Phase

The budget phase is perhaps the most important to get right in order to have a drama and stress free build.


Rather than present you with a low, unrealistic budget that invariably goes over during the build, we ensure our preconstruction and later, construction budgets are highly accurate based on detailed information gathering and realistic allowances. When this is done correctly, the money drama is eliminated from the equation during the build.

Build Phase

We have done the design, we have approved the budget... sit back and enjoy the build.


Some clients are hands off, leaving many decisions to designers. Other clients are very hands on and make many decisions themselves with our guidance. Either way, the build process should be enjoyable. Later, you'll receive a maintenance schedule so that your new home lasts as long as possible in the great condition it was left when the keys were handed over to you.

Working with us gives you peace of mind
  • Calls/texts/emails from clients are answered whenever possible and replies issued in a timely fashion

  • Communication on time and cost overruns and savings will be communicated in advance whenever possible

  • Clients will be made aware of their role in the project and will have plenty of time and information well in advance so that decisions they need to make do not hold up the project

  • Work will proceed on site every day, except for weather or permitting/inspection delays

  • Photos of different aspects of the job will be taken on a regular basis to document progress for all large projects

  • Trades are calm, respectful, professional, courteous and are very motivated to keep me, and therefore YOU happy

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